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Our workshop mascot, Frog-dog... who isn't a dog or a frog, but a Cat!

Say hello to Frog!  😽
This is one of our three cats. She is sister to our male, Junior, and mother to our other female, Kaboodle. She is also the one I have to fight every time I go into my work room for my seat!!!  😼
So, I that little square stool is what I sit on when I'm working at my desk, (if I'm not standing, which also happens a lot). I like the low stool because it keeps me lower and closer to the desk, where I am able to better work on the intricate up close details of my products.
However, Frog here also LOVES my stool!! 7/10 she is sleeping on my stool when I go on there to do some work. If she's not already on it she will literally race me to it and plop down before I can sit!  😹
I feel like she just needs to become the more known mascot of Mahany's Market! You know when you go into mom and pop shops, and they have a store cat... thisbis my shop cat!  😸
If you want to see more daily pictures of Frog being froggy  🐸  head on over to our facebook page!  🐈